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Not all repairs are your run of the mill sort of jobs, some these jobs are listed here.

Straight 8 Packhard

Straight 8 Packhard - Cylinder head.

Dehavilland Gypsy Minor

Dehavilland Gypsy Minor - Crankshaft and Sump.

This vintage aircraft will be restored to full flying condition.

AJS 500 Valves AJS 500 Cylinder head

AJS 500 - Cylinder head showing valves remanufactured from blanks.

52 Ford Side-valve V8 52 Ford Side-valve V8

Ford Side-Valve V8 -

Restoration work to begin on cylinder block and crankshaft.

1949 Willys 1949 Willys

1949 Willys - Cylinder block bored and honed, and valve seats prepared for unleaded petrol.

Ford 250 2V Cylinder head Ford 250 2V Cylinder head

Ford 250 2V - Cylinder head reconditioned to run on unleaded fuel.

57 190c Mercedes Benz Cylinder head

57 190c Mercedes Benz cylinder head.


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