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Who should I use?

Don't choose on price alone.  Many different things need to be taken into consideration before you leave your engine or cylinder head with someone to repair for you.  Is the workshop clean?  Do they look professional?  Do they offer an gaurantee?  Will they give you a quote?  These are the sorts of things you need to be asking.  We always suggest that you go to the workshop and talk to one of the people who'll be working on your job, if you trust and feel comfortable with what they tell you, then that's your best option.

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Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes we do.  All work and supply of parts must carry a guarantee.  Please ask about our guarantee when you speak to one of our staff.

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Can I supply my own parts?

Yes you can.  You can purchase the parts you want fitted into your job.

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How can I pay?

You can pay by cash, Visa, MasterCard or EFTPOS.  For Cheques prior arrangements must be made with management.

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So what next - I need some help!

Call us and we'll set the standard. Phone 03 9338 1666.

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